Saturday, December 12, 2009


Q. How was your Cross Country Season?
The cross country season was a start for me, I discovered the level (which is much more high than in France). I improve myself at each race, I am stronger than last year but it was very not enough to go to nationals. So I am happy for my improvement but I know I have to train harder!

Q. What are your main events?
A. My main event is steeplechase. I use to run 2000 meter s steeplechase in France but now it is 1000 meters more ! ouch !

Q. What do you enjoy about being on ACU track and field so far?
I don’t know all the team yet but people I met so far are cool. I expect that the cross country team gonna be stronger !

Q. Being from France was it a hard transition to ACU?
A. The most difficulty is the language barrier. Usually I like to talk with people and say what I am thinking.

Q. Are the workouts any different to what you are accustom to?
A. The workouts are really different than in France. Usually I do just long jogging and fartlek and here it is harder and I run more Km.

Q. What activities do you get into in Abilene?
A. I don’t have a lot of time for any activities in Abilene. I try to pursue to play flute cause I used to be in an orchestra but it is difficult to find the time and the motivation for it.

Q. Now that Cross Country is over, what are your goals for indoors and outdoors?

A. I will be happy to improve my actual performances for the track and the best would be to qualify myself for nationals but I know that it will be difficult.

Q. What brought you to ACU? (Did you have friends here?)

A. I meet coach Burroughs at the French championships, It allowed me to have a real exchange. I also meet Camille who gave me many information about ACU and his experience there.

Q. Do you miss France? What do you miss the most?

A. I miss French food but hopefully I go back in France for Christmas.

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