Wednesday, March 23, 2011

NCAA Indoor DII National Champions 2011

CONGRATULATIONS! The Men's ACU Track and field team have won their indoor title at the NCAA DII National Championship with just four guys. The FOUR guys on the team scoring a total of 49 points was Amos Sang, Ramon Sparks, Desmond Jackson and Nick Jones. The WILDCATS next competition will be at UTEP Springtime Invitational in El Paso. Good luck everyone, compete with a huge heart.

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  1. Congratulations to those four guys!! But why did just four guys qualify?! That is not the traditional ACU track team!! All but one are seniors, and are all left over recruits from Coach Hood. What are these new coaches doing? No, noteworthy new recruits in a while, with a few exceptions... I follow ACU track and field very closely, and my mind is wondering if these coaches know how to recruits, or did they just lower the standards for getting on the track team?! Gets me thinking... Congrats again guys!!!