Saturday, November 21, 2009

ATHLETE'S Spotlight with Freshman LYNETTE ATKINSON

Q. Events and PB's.
A. 400m 55.5 200m 24.5

Q. How are the workouts been so far at practice compare to High School?
A. The workouts so far haven't been too different from high school. Alot of them are the same as high school. The repeat 400s are a lot different though, we never did those, so that was different.

Q. How different is track in High School than in College?
A. The one difference I notice between high school and college track is the time commitment. I spend a lot more time in practice and lifting than i remember in high school.

Q. Do you plan to take your track career to the next level outside of college?
A. It's hard to say now, i have to see where I am at in four years. I know I want to coach so I know in someway I will be involved in the sport.

Q. What's your biggest fear about the upcoming season?
A. My biggest fear would probably be the meets early in the season. They are quite different from running in high school, so in the beginning that's something I'll have to get used to.

Q. How easy is it having your sister at the same college and being your training partner?
A. I have basically run with her since I've been running, so i can't imagine not having her on the track with me. We are good about pushing each other to be better. With being so far from home it is great to have her around, she is so much fun.

Q. If you had to tell us one thing about yourself what would it be?
A. I love to eat cereal out of the box at track meets ( usually generic apple jacks).

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