Friday, October 16, 2009

ATHLETE'S SPOTLIGHT with Desmond Jackson!!

Q. What are your goals for this season?
A. My goals for the season is to come out more team based. I want our team to do well, by well I mean a national championship title and I know to accomplish that everyone has to do their part.

Q. How is your training coming along?
A. Training is going well we are all working hard pushing one another to be better and I feel coach Loftons workouts will have us ready to compete for another title.

Q. Do you have a nickname your friends call you?
A. Nothing special most people teammates, friends call me des

Q. Where is your best place to compete?
A. I have a few tracks I favor to but if I had to pick indoor I would say the armory in new york is a great track to run on and outdoor I would have to say Texas Relays is a fun place to run the competition and crowd just makes it an elite place to compete.

Q. Do you ever get pre-race Jitters?
A. Every race I do, no matter where it is big or small meet I believe every athlete does to some extent .

Q. Someone you admire or your greatest inspiration.
A. My inspiration is my family and to try and be successful in everything I do

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