Saturday, October 3, 2009

Training Week

Hey everyone we want to thank all of you who are keeping up with the blogs and visiting the site regularly. We have just completed our first week of our second phase in the program and I think it went pretty well seeing everyone training this week. I know Tuesday and Thursday was the toughest days of the week, but seeing everyone working hard was really motivating. I want to encourage each one of you to keep positive and start setting GOALS for the up coming track season. I think it's going to be GREAT!! It's also truly important for us to encourage each other on the track as well as the weight room! Till next time:

What’s a GOAL if you don’t go to bed and dream about it?
What’s a GOAL if it doesn’t inspire you to be your best self?
What’s a GOAL if it’s not reaching for the stars?
What’s a GOAL if you don’t have to work harder than you ever have to achieve it?
Think BIG, Dream BIG, Achieve BIG!!!!

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